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  • Sara Fotheringham

Cannabis Strains for the Summer

Typically summers are filled with activities, lazying beside the pool or on a beach, but COVID-19 has put a wrench in a lot of people’s plans this year. Fortunately, things are opening up again as people continue to practice social distancing and wearing masks is becoming more normalized which means campgrounds have reopened, beaches are once more accessible and it’s time to get out and enjoy the summer! There are lots of wonderful strains out there that are perfectly matched for your summer activities:

  1. Tangie

  2. Jillybean

  3. Sundae Driver

  4. Banana punch


This deliciously citrus strain is so full of flavour and is perfect for those hot summer days where you’re wanting to relax, feel happy while also maintaining your energy. Tangie is Tangerine Dream 2.0 with its genetics coming from California Orange and Skunk. Leafly ranks this strain as being highest in happiness and uplifting effects while also providing an energetic, euphoric, and creative effect. Tangie is also a bit of a shy strain and takes her time for the effects to be felt at first, but its worth the wait.


An all-time favorite, Jillybean has slightly fallen out of fad this year but it is still one of the best strains on the market that provides a highly energizing and uplifting experience. Jillybean is a sativa-dominate hybrid strain created from Space Queen and Orange Velvet. It’s known for its balanced high that is perfect for your socially distanced get togethers as it can make you quite cheerful and chatty!

Sundae Driver

This Indica dominant hybrid strain is created by crossing Fruity Pebbles OG with Grape Pie, creating the famous smooth, creamy, rich strain that is in high demand. It’s well known for its sweetness, gaining its name from the wide terpene profile, with mild bitter chocolate flavors. The colors in this strain are a lovely light green with purple accents. While this strain isn’t ideal you’re lacking energy, it’s the perfect strain to help you get through those hot summer nights. Sundae Driver provides a mellow, calming high that fills you with happiness.

Banana Punch

Yum, yum, yum, Banana Punch is a tasty cross between Banana Kush and Purple Punch, creating a high THC strain that’s perfect for those campfire evenings. Both Banana Kush and Purple Punch are heavy hitters, giving Banana Punch a potential 18% THC content. This sneaky strain is well known to creep up on you, luring you in with its banana scent and spicy sweet flavors making it a great strain that only takes a few puffs to get the desired effect.

Whether you’re looking for a strain to give you that little boost of energy while keeping your head nice and light for your summer fun or to help get you through those hot humid nights, these strains are there for you.

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